ScraperWiki is a place where data professionals get, clean, analyse, visualise and manage data

ScraperWiki’s data scientists help customers collect data through automation, ask the right questions of their data, and analyse it forensically. They are experts at extracting value from external data, and combining it with internal datasets.
Our data scientists bring a wealth of experience to each and every customer project. And our custom-built data hub keeps the process transparent and collaborative.

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Our services include:

Data subscriptions

Regular scheduled custom data provision for a monthly fee with a setup charge. This might include pricing data, lead generation data, research data. Monitoring services for social media and websites. Market data collection.

Data hub

A collaborative platform for sharing, managing and analysing your data. This might be a standalone product where you carry out provision and analysis data yourselves, or a joint endeavour where we source and analyse data with you.

Data transformations

Data collection at scale through scraping external or internal resources with transformation to formats for reuse.

Data sciences

Analysis and visualisation of data, either acquired through scraping or ingested via more conventional means.

Data tools

The ScraperWiki platform includes ‘off the shelf’ data tools that our data services team use for customers. In addition they can write customised data tools for specific projects

Data workshops

Sessions to help businesses understand methods in data collection, analysis and management.

Industry case studies:

Academic Research

Cost-effective data gathering with Excel and Tableau integration

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Business Publishing

Maximising subscriber retention with unique, accurate data feeds

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Digital Government

Increasing Government impact and usability with scraping and data science

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Intergovernmental Organizations

Turning a sea of public and private data into organizational action and global change

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Marketing & Lead Generation

Using Big Data to target prospects and analyse competitors

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How do I request your services?

We ask you to complete our simple form here to give your contact details and provide a brief summary of your requirements. This will generate a unique identifier which we will use to track your request through our systems.

What information do I need to provide?

We will discuss your requirements with you but as a guide we would need you to provide a short brief for the project and a link to the data you wish us to work on, either as a URL or sample files. We would need a precise description of what data fields you require to be extracted from the source files, and the frequency with which you want the data to be collected. It is also helpful to know your expectations for a delivery date.

Can you give me some indication of cost?

The setup cost for a data feed or a one off data transformation project will be in the order of $3000–$10000 (€3000–€10000) although the upper end of this scale will depend on how much work is involved. To maintain an ongoing data feed will cost in the region of $200–$500 (€200–€500) per month.

What’s your process for managing service requests?

Typically the first stage of the process will be a discussion with one of our technical marketing team. For particularly complex requests this may involve one of our data scientists. The next stage in the process will be for us to conduct a detailed investigation, typically taking one of our data scientists half a day and often but not always resulting in the production of a sample dataset. There is a nominal charge of $300 (€300) for this investigation. Following this we will either proceed to the production phase, upon your approval or if the project has a significant level of risk we may propose a feasibility study.

Do you have a service level agreement (SLA)?

Yes, we understand the requirements that our corporate customers will have and provide SLAs to suit those needs, at different price points.

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