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Where do tweets come from?

In our Twitter search tool, we provide the location of tweets via the latitude and longitude data Twitter offers. If you want to know about where the user was who created a particular tweet, it’s unfortunate then that most Twitter users (including me) don’t enable this feature. What you usually find are rare sightings of […]

What’s Twitter time zone data good for?

The Twitter friends tool has just been improved to retrieve the time zone of users. This is actually more useful than it first might sound. If you’ve looked at Twitter profiles before, you’ve probably noticed that users can, and sometimes do, enter anything they like as their location. Looking at @ScraperWiki‘s followers, we can see […]

Favorite Tweets!

How often was each Tweet favorited? Now you can tell, with a new column we’ve just added to our Twitter search tool – thanks to ScraperWiki user Alden Golab for suggesting this. You can sort by that column to find the most liked Tweet on a subject. For example, ScraperWiki’s right now is about our London Underground visualization. More […]

Verified Twitter users

We’ve added a “verified accounts” column to our Twitter friends tool – thanks to ScraperWiki user Delfin Paris for suggesting this. The 1 means it is a Twitter verified account, 0 means it isn’t. You can sort by that column to find all the most notable accounts that are following someone. For example, ScraperWiki has 44 followers who […]

ScraperWiki and Enemy Images

This is a guest blog post by Elizaveta Gaufman, a researcher and lecturer at the University of Tübingen. The theme of my PhD dissertation is enemy images in contemporary Russia. However, I am not only interested in the governmental rhetoric which is relatively easy to analyse, but also in the way enemy images are circulating on […]

Getting Twitter connections

Introducing the Get Twitter Friends tool Our Twitter followers tool is one of our most popular: enter a Twitter username and it scrapes the followers of that account. We were often asked if it’s possible not only to get the users that follow a particular account, but the users that are followed by that account […]

Publish your data to Tableau with OData

We know that lots of you use data from our astonishingly simple Twitter tools in visualisation tools like Tableau. While you can download your data as a spreadsheet, getting it into Tableau is a fiddly business (especially where date formatting is concerned). And when the data updates, you’d have to do the whole thing over […]

G8 Face recognition demo

Face ReKognition

I’ve previously written about social media and the popularity of our Twitter Search and Followers tools. But how can we make Twitter data more useful to our customers? Analysing the profile pictures of Twitter accounts seemed like an interesting thing to do since they are often the faces of the account holder and a face […]

socail media collage

Getting sociable

The Search for Tweets and Get Twitter followers tools are the most popular on our platform. Why is this? In part this is because we’re sociable creatures; platforms like Twitter get a lot of interaction time from a lot of people. A certain section of the population has a data packrat mentality. For them ScraperWiki […]

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