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ScraperWiki needs you!

Are you excited by data? Are you impatient to download and explore new datasets? If you answered yes, to either of these questions then you might be interested in a new data scientist position which has arisen here at ScraperWiki. Don’t worry if you’ve never described yourself as a data scientist, we’re looking for people […]

‘Big Data’ in the Big Apple

My colleague @frabcus captured the main theme of Strata New York #strataconf in his most recent blog post.  This was our first official speaking engagement in the USA as a Knight News Challenge 2011 winner.  Here is my twopence worth! At first we were a little confused at the way in which the week long […]

Four data trends to rule them all, the data scientist king to bind them

My favourite soundbite from O’Reilly’s Strata data conference was a definition of big data. John Rauser, Amazon’s main data scientist, said to me that “data is big data when you can’t process it on one machine”. And naturally, small data is data that you can process on one machine. What’s nice about this definition is it […]

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