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Henry Morris (CEO and social mobility start-up whizz) on getting contacts from PDF into his iPhone

Meet @henry__morris! He’s the inspirational serial entrepreneur that set up PiC and upReach.  They’re amazing businesses that focus on social mobility. We interviewed him for PDFTables.com He’s been using it to convert delegate lists that come as PDF into Excel and then into his Apple iphone. It’s his preferred personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it’s […]

Civil Service People Survey – Faster, Better, Cheaper

The Civil Service is one of the UK’s largest employers.  Every year it asks every civil servant what it thinks of its employer: UK plc. For Sir Jeremy Heywood the survey matters. In his blog post “Why is the People Survey Important?” he says “The survey is one of the few ways we can objectively […]

….and suddenly I could convert my bank statement from PDF to Excel…

Do you ever: Need an old bank statement only to find out that the bank has archived it, and want to charge you to get it back? Spot check to make sure there are no fraudulent transactions on your account? Like to summarise all your big ticket items for a period? Need to summarise business expenses? […]

Summary – Big Data Value Association June Summit (Madrid)

In late June, 375 Europeans + 1 attended the Big Data Value Association (BVDA) Summit in Madrid. The BVDA is the private part of the Big Data Public Private Partnership.  The Public part is the European Commission.  The delivery mechanism is Horizon 2020 and €500m funding . The PPP commenced in 2015 and runs to […]

NewsReader – Hack 100,000 World Cup Articles

June 10, The Hub Westminster (@NewsReader) Ian Hopkinson has been telling you about our role in the NewsReader project.  We’re making a thing that crunches large volumes of news articles.  We’re combining natural language processing and semantic web technology.  It’s an FP7 project so we’re working with a bunch of partners across Europe. We’re 18 […]

Open data – the zeitgest

Open data [1] is becoming a brand – 61 countries are using the brand and many others are expressing interest. The week before last thousands of delegates from around the world descended on London for a host of open data events that ran throughout the week. There is something of the zeitgeist about open data […]

Publish from ScraperWiki to CKAN

ScraperWiki is looking for open data activists to try out our new “Open your data” tool. Since its first launch ScraperWiki has worked closely with the Open Data community. Today we’re building on this commitment by pre-announcing the release of the first in a series of tools that will enable open data activists to publish […]

European Data Forum Dublin 2013…what was it all about?

It was not an accident that the 2013 European Data Forum was held in Dublin given that Ireland’s presidency of the Council of the European Union runs until June 30th. The venue was Croke Park Conference Centre which over looks Ireland’s premier sporting stadium and an historic landmark. It was organised by the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), […]

Newspapers, advertising, revenue, innovation

A couple weeks ago, I joined the 110-year-old WAN-IFRA at their annual Digital Media Conference at the swish ETCVenues’ 200 Aldersgate London pad. The organisation has become the voice for the worldwide community of newspaper publishers, and the DMC was a truly international affair with 37 countries from all five continents represented. Senior executives see […]

What has Europe ever done for us?

Hmm… 2.8 million euros, a ‘history recorder’, and the opportunity to have a full on working relationship with VU Amsterdam Uni, Lexis Nexis, plus with some brilliant bods in Trento and San Sebastien  (Happy Christmas!) It’s official!  We have become a European FP7 partner with the VU Amsterdam University, Faculty of Arts’ (Prof Piek Vossen), Lexis […]

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