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CIJ Workshop in Blog Form!

Here’s an introduction to a little thing called ScraperWiki. Please watch it so that you don’t develop bad habits that could annoy the programmers you want helping you! OBJECTIVES FOR THIS WORKSHOP Have your own ScraperWiki account and understand all the features and navigation of the site Scrape twitter for different terms and export the […]

‘Documentation is like sex: when it is good, it is very, very good; and when it is bad, it is better than nothing’

You may have noticed that the design of the ScraperWiki site has changed substantially. As part of that, we made a few improvements to the documentation. Lots of you told us we had to make our documentation easier to find, more reliable and complete. We’ve reorganised it all under one contents page, called Documentation throughout […]

All recipes 30 minutes to cook

The other week we quietly added two tutorials of a new kind to the site, snuck in behind a radical site redesign. They’re instructive recipes, which anyone with a modicum of programming knowledge should be able to easily follow. 1. Introductory tutorial For programmers new to ScraperWiki, to a get an idea of what it […]

Ruby screen scraping tutorials

Mark Chapman has been busy translating our Python web scraping tutorials into Ruby. They now cover three tutorials on how to write basic screen scrapers, plus extra ones on using .ASPX pages, Excel files and CSV files. We’ve also installed some extra Ruby modules – spreadsheet and FastCSV – to make them possible. These┬áRuby scraping […]

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