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Have a Happy Open Data Day with ScraperWiki

Tomorrow is Open Data Day, and if you’re planning on hacking the web with the Open Knowledge Foundation or Random Hacks of Kindness or your own data hack of choice, here’s some fuel for your fight ( and if you’ve already driven our digger then check out the last video on our API so you […]

Mapping @TahrirSupplies

One of our users I recently met in New York said ScraperWiki is “a great tool for hacktivism”. Because of this we have a lot of ‘hacktivists’ in our community. One such ‘hacktivist’ is Thomas Levine. He’s recently scraped @TahrirSupplies, a twitter account set up to crowd-source the need for suplies at Tahrir Square and matching them […]

ScraperWiki in 3 minutes

As you’ve probably noticed, Zarino and the team recently upgraded all of your scraper pages to have a lovely new, more useful look. So we’re rolling out a new set of introductory screencasts going through our new look site and giving you a bit of a flavour of the many things you can do on ScraperWiki. […]

With Tools, Tables and Tours: We’re Looking to Liberate Data Across the US

As part of the Knight News Challenge entry, we at ScraperWiki said we would roll out Journalism Data Camps across the U.S. We had done what we called “Hacks and Hackers Hack Day” events across the U.K. and Ireland, bringing journalists and coders together. This happened at the same time as HacksHackers in the U.S. — great minds and whatnot! Now we’re scaling up when it comes […]

Solving Healthcare Problems with Open Source Software

This year, EHealth Insider brought a new feature to their annual EHI Live exhibition: a healthcare skunkworks that gave visitors the chance to ask questions about how open source software can be used to solve healthcare problems. ScraperWiki, of course had to be one of the invited guests to exhibit at the skunkworks. So as is our way, we […]

Some ScraperWikiLovin’ at MozFest

This weekend saw ideas made reality, collaborations fostered and the future web bloom. The Mozilla Festival was all about making the web and making it happen in two days! Here at ScraperWiki we like doing that with data, so as well as contributing to the Data Driven Journalism Handbook, we held a quick fire ScraperWiki […]

Which witch is which?

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween and have gorged yourselves on candy. In keeping with the festive cheer, The Guardian Datastore has hopped aboard and with a digger in resident, Chris Blower, and scraped the court cases of Scottish witches. Thanks to Lisa Evans we can now see that the most common reason for a […]

Growing back to the Future: Allotments in the UK, open data stories and interventions

This is a guest blog post from Farida Vis. She attended EuroHack at the Open Government Data Camp 2011. It consisted of a series of short talks combined with plenty of opportunities for hacking in groups in the second part the workshop. On the day, we were given an introduction to data driven journalism by data journalist Nicolas Kayser-Brill, who […]

Meet Data Without Borders

Whilst navigating the rugged landscape of ‘Big Data‘, we’ve crossed many barriers, traversed wide plains and battled through choppy weather. Along the journey we’ve picked up a lot of hitchhikers (almost 5,000) and laid down a lot of data tracks (over 75 million records in our data store). We’ve also come across some interesting creatures […]

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