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Connecting QlikView to ScraperWiki with OData

This is a guest post by Nuno Faustino who shows how to connect QlikView to ScraperWiki using our new Odata connector. The first step is to collect some data using the ScraperWiki Platform, the demonstration here uses the our new US Stock Market data tool but could equally well have used the Twitter Follower or Twitter […]

Our new US stock market tool

In a recent blog post, Ian talked about getting stock market data into Tableau using our Code in a Browser tool. We thought this was so useful that we’ve wrapped this up into an easy-to-use tool. Now you can get stock data by pressing a button and choosing the stocks you’re interested in, no code […]

Try out the Tableau and QlikView connector

In March, we launched an OData tool. If you use Tableau or QlikView, it lets you easily get and refresh data from ScraperWiki. From today, the OData tool is now available on our new 30 day trial accounts. Which means anyone can try it out for free! Instructions here (particularly for Tableau).

Yahoo!Finance to Tableau via ScraperWiki

Our recently announced OData connector gives Tableau users access to a world of unstructured and semi-structured data. In this post I’d like to demonstrate the power of a Python library, Pandas, and the Code in a Browser tool to get “live” stock market data from Yahoo!Finance into Tableau. Python is a well-established programming language with […]

Publish your data to Tableau with OData

We know that lots of you use data from our astonishingly simple Twitter tools in visualisation tools like Tableau. While you can download your data as a spreadsheet, getting it into Tableau is a fiddly business (especially where date formatting is concerned). And when the data updates, you’d have to do the whole thing over […]

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