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Our new US stock market tool

In a recent blog post, Ian talked about getting stock market data into Tableau using our Code in a Browser tool. We thought this was so useful that we’ve wrapped this up into an easy-to-use tool. Now you can get stock data by pressing a button and choosing the stocks you’re interested in, no code required!

All you have to do is enter some comma-separated stocks, for example: AAPL,FB,MSFT,TWTR and then press the Get Stocks button to collect all the data that’s available. Once you’ve set the tool running, the data continues to automatically update with the latest data daily. Just as with any other ScraperWiki dataset, you can view in a table, query with SQL or download the data as a spreadsheet for use elsewhere. With our new OData connector, you can also import the data directly into Tableau.

You can see Ian demonstrating the use of the US stock market tool, and using the OData tool to connect to Tableau in this YouTube video:

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