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Meet all our users!!!!

As I have been looking for your great guys to highlight your work, passion and scraping oddities, so your time has come to explore the craven habits of the new age data digging programmers! You can now search for people on ScraperWiki!!!! Just use our regular search box. So all you ScraperWikians out there, I […]

Amazing Places Scrapers Go – The Big Clean

Earlier this month, there’s been some underground scraping action happening in Central Europe. We noticed this spark of activity and upon further investigation it was revealed to be a spill over from The Big Clean. At the beginning of this moth, there was Open Scraper Challenge happening in 3 hackerspaces in Czech Republic and Slovakia, in Prague, […]

Scraping New Frontiers

Today is Columbus Day in the US (yes, I’m working regardless). So I’ve decided to write a post about discovery. This has been my first full week in America. I have toiled Heathrow Terminal 5, battled through the baffling New York subway and scaled the mountains of food to find, well, not the promised land. […]

Start Talking to Your Data – Literally!

Because ScraperWiki has a SQL database and an API with SQL extraction, I can SQL inject (haha!) straight into the API URL and use the JSON output. So what does all that mean? I scraped the CSV files of Special Advisers’ meetings gifts and hospitalities at Number 10. This is being updated as the data […]

Help Get Olympic Data off the Start Line

As part of Media2012 we’ll be running (no pun intended) a Hacks and Hackers Data Journalism workshop. It’s part of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. It’ll be on 2nd October from 11:00-17:00 at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Medialab, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ. So if you’re interested in sports data and want […]

Constructing the Open Data Landscape

In an article in today’s Telegraph regarding Francis Maude’s Public Data Corporation, Michael Cross asks: “What makes the state think it can be at the cutting edge of the knowledge economy“. He writes in terms of market and business share, giving the example of the satnav market worth over $100bn a year yet it’s based […]

ScraperWiki goes on the Records at The Texas Tribune

Here at ScraperWiki, we’ve got a good eye for data. Not just structuring, formatting and quality, but also where data can tell stories (hence the addition of views to the site). The decision to put a scraper of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice by Noah Seger on the front page proved to be a bit […]

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