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NewsReader – Hack 100,000 World Cup Articles

NWR_logo_narrowJune 10, The Hub Westminster (@NewsReader)

Ian Hopkinson has been telling you about our role in the NewsReader project.  We’re making a thing that crunches large volumes of news articles.  We’re combining natural language processing and semantic web technology.  It’s an FP7 project so we’re working with a bunch of partners across Europe.

We’re 18 months into the project and we have something to show off.  Please think about joining us for a fun ‘hack’ event on June 10th in London at  ‘The Hub’, Westminster.  There are 100,000 World Cup news articles we need to crunch and we hope to dig out some new insights from a cacophony of digital noise.  There will be light refreshments throughout the day.  Like all good hack events there will be an end of day reception and we would like you to present your findings and give us some feedback on the experience. (the requisite beer and pizza will be provided)

All of our partners will be there LexisNexis, SynerScope, VU University (Amsterdam), University of the Basque Country (San Sebastian) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento).  They’re a great team, very knowledgeable in this field, and they love what they are doing.

Ian recently made a short video about the project which is a useful introduction.

If you are a journalist, an editor, a linked data enthusiast or data professional we hope you will care about this kind of innovation.

Please sign up here  ‘NewsReader eventbrite invitation’  and tell your friends.

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