Hi! We've renamed ScraperWiki.
The product is now QuickCode and the company is The Sensible Code Company.


Job advert: Web designer/programmer

Care about oil spills, newspapers or lost cats?

ScraperWiki is a Silicon Valley style startup, but in the North West of England, in Liverpool. We’re changing the world of open data, and how programming is done together on the Internet.

We’re looking for a web designer/programmer who is…

  • Capable of writing standards compliant CSS and HTML, and some Javascript.
  • Loves to balance colour, size, order and prominence on websites.
  • Good enough at Photoshop to make any mockups and icons required.
  • Likes to talk to and track users, and then do what’s needed to make their experience better.
  • Server-side coding (Python) a plus but not essential.
  • Knows what a web scraper is, and would like to learn to write one.
  • Thinks that data can change the world, but only if we use it right.
  • Desirable – able to make igloos.

Some practical things…

  • We’re early stage, spending our seed funding. So be aware things will go either way – we’ll crash and burn, or you’ll be a key, senior person in a growing company.
  • We’d like this to end up a permanent position, but if you prefer we’re happy to do individual contracts to start with.
  • Must be willing to either relocate to Liverpool, or able to work from home and travel here regularly (once a week). So somewhere nearby preferred.

To apply – send the following:

  • An example of a website you’ve made that you’re proud of
  • If you have one, a visualisation of some data (any data!)

Along to francis@scraperwiki.com with the word swjob1 in the subject.

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