Hi! We've renamed ScraperWiki.
The product is now QuickCode and the company is The Sensible Code Company.


Two ways you can help guide ScraperWiki’s new platform.

tractor-shinyYou will have noticed some activity over the past few weeks, as we have begun reaching out about the new ScraperWiki platform. We’ve blogged about some of the new features, and have invited the first ever users outside the office to have a poke around the beta.

That initial feedback has been immeasurably helpful, and has lead to bug-fixes, feature requests, and some directional suggestions which we can’t thank you enough for.

But we need more.

  • more feedback
  • more testers
  • more questions answered
  • more coffee…

So, there are now two ways you can join the testing community, and – with absolutely no exaggeration – play a vital part in the future functionality, design, and direction of the new ScraperWiki.

First, you can become a premium user of the New ScraperWiki. We have just switched on the payment plans, and are tweaking settings and tuning things up as it’s rolled out. You can see the two available premium plans here, and sign up.

Second, you can join the queue for private free-tier testers by emailing new@scraperwiki.com. Just ping us your name from the email account you’d like inviting, and we will add you to the list, which we’re breaking into groups simply so we can test different things and make the most of your first impressions!

We're hiring!