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Tableau, twitter and ScraperWiki

I bumped into Andy Cotgreave at Strata London a couple of weeks ago. The Tableau booth had a handy place for me to put my coffee whilst I ate my biscuits, and as a regular user of Tableau and twitter I recognised him immediately! Andy is Social Content Manager at Tableau.

I was pleased to see that he had ScraperWiki in prime position on his browser bookmark bar. For him ScraperWiki’s “Search for tweets” tool provides a quick, easy and cost effective (free) route to capturing tweets which he then visualises in Tableau. It’s something I’ve done myself a number of times in the past, see for example this post on the the InspiringWomen hashtag.

Andy has just published a video showing you exactly how to do this, including links to some prepared dashboards into which you can simply drop your own data:

You can see his short blog post on the subject over on the Tableau website.

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