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DataBaker – making spreadsheets machine-readable

Spreadsheets are often the way of choice for publishing data. They look great, are understandable by people who don’t use databases, and with judicious use of formatting you can represent complicated datasets in a way people can understand. The down side is that machines can’t understand them. Sure, you can export the file as CSV, but that […]

Hi , I’m Sophie: part II

Hi again all! After completing a week of work experience in February, I was eager to return to ScraperWiki as an intern as soon as possible and, a few emails to Francis later, we had organised for me to do a months internship this summer, which has now unfortunately come to an end. My first […]

Internship – Scraperwiki

Hi, I am Patrick. I am currently in Year 10 at the British International School of Stavanger. As part of our curriculum, we are required to have one week of work experience. For my work experience, I worked at Scraperwiki from May 12 to 16 (2014). I found it a real privilege to be able […]

ScraperWiki and Enemy Images

This is a guest blog post by Elizaveta Gaufman, a researcher and lecturer at the University of Tübingen. The theme of my PhD dissertation is enemy images in contemporary Russia. However, I am not only interested in the governmental rhetoric which is relatively easy to analyse, but also in the way enemy images are circulating on […]

Digitally enhanced social research

Guest post by Dr Rebecca Sandover. The continued expansion of social media activity raises many questions of how this ever-changing digital life spreads ideas and how ‘contagious’ online events arise. Exeter University’s Contagion project has been running since September 2013, funded by the UK Economics and Social Research Council to explore how such events spread […]

Hi, I’m Sophie

Hi, my name is Sophie Buckley, I’m an AS student studying Computing, Maths, Physics and Chemistry who’s interested in programming, games, art and reading. I’m also the latest in a line of privileged ScraperWiki interns and although my time here has been tragically short, the ScraperWiki team have done an amazing job in making every […]

Hi, I’m Sean

My name is Sean Duffy, and I’m an intern at ScraperWiki! I’ve just finished sixth form and in around a month’s time I’ll be starting my degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering at the University of York. As well as programming, in my spare time I also enjoy electronics, reading and building/flying quadcopters. When […]

Hi, I’m Steve

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m the most recent addition to ScraperWiki’s burgeoning intern ranks. So, how exactly did I end up here? Looking at ScraperWiki’s team page, you can see that scientists working here is a common theme. I’m no different in that regard. Until recently, I was working as a university scientific researcher (looking at new […]

Hello, I’m Ed

Last week, Pete wrote his welcome post announcing he was the new guy. Not strictly true as I am the real new guy! Actually, Pete and I started on the same day and there are two other new starters you will be hearing about soon, so we are both old news! Unlike some of the […]

Hi, I’m Peter

.. and I’m the new guy. I’ve just completed my PhD in particle physics on the ATLAS experiment at CERN. I loved the physics (because “searching for extra dimensions of space” sounds so cool!) but after 8 years I decided I wanted to do something different. At heart, I’m a programmer and a hacker who […]

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