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tableau 8 guide

Book review: Tableau 8 – the official guide by George Peck

A while back I reviewed Larry Keller’s book The Tableau 8.0 Training Manual, at the same time I ordered George Peck’s book Tableau 8: the official guide. It’s just arrived. The book comes with a DVD containing bonus videos featuring George Peck’s warm, friendly tones and example workbooks. I must admit to being mildly nonplussed at […]

Tableau 8.0 Training Manual

Book review: The Tableau 8.0 Training Manual – From clutter to clarity by Larry Keller

My unstoppable reading continues, this time I’ve polished off The Tableau 8.0 Training Manual: From Clutter to Clarity by Larry Keller. This post is part review of the book, and part review of Tableau. Tableau is a data visualisation application which grew out of academic research on visualising databases. I’ve used Tableau Public a little bit […]

Clean Code Bookcover

Book Review: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

Following my revelations regarding sharing code with other people I thought I’d read more about the craft of writing code in the form of Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship by Robert C. Martin. Despite the appearance of the word Agile in the title this isn’t a book explicitly about a particular methodology […]

Book review: Natural Language Processing with Python by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein & Edward Loper

I bought Natural Language Processing in Python by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein & Edward Loper for a couple of reasons. Firstly, ScraperWiki are part of the EU Newsreader Project which seeks to make a “history recorder” using natural language processing to convert large streams of news articles into a more structured form. ScraperWiki’s role in […]

Book cover - interactive visualisation for the web

Book review: Interactive Data Visualization for the web by Scott Murray

Next in my book reading, I turn to Interactive Data Visualisation for the web by Scott Murray (@alignedleft on twitter). This book covers the d3 JavaScript library for data visualisation, written by Mike Bostock who was also responsible for the Protovis library.  If you’d like a taster of the book’s content, a number of the examples […]

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Book review: JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford

This week I’ve been programming in JavaScript, something of a novelty for me. Jealous of the Dear Leader’s automatically summarize tool I wanted to make something myself, hopefully a future post will describe my timeline visualising tool. Further motivations are that web scraping requires some knowledge of JavaScript since it is a key browser technology […]

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