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Scrape it – Save it – Get it

I imagine I’m talking to a load of developers. Which is odd seeing as I’m not a developer. In fact, I decided to lose my coding virginity by riding the ScraperWiki digger! I’m a journalist interested in data as a beat so all I need to do is scrape. All my programming will be done […]

ScraperWiki Datastore – The SQL.

Recently at ScraperWiki we replaced the old datastore, which was creaking under the load, with a new, lighter and faster solution – all your data is now stored in Sqlite tables as part of the move towards pluggable datastores. In addition to the new increase in performance, using Sqlite also provides some other benefits such […]

See a scraper you like? Fork it!

We’ve just pushed a new feature to let you “fork” scrapers and views. That is, you can quickly and easily make a copy so you can make radical changes without interfering with the original, or to make customisations for your own use. We’ve used a red pitchfork for the icon, because amongst computer programmers forking […]

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