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Tableau, twitter and ScraperWiki

I bumped into Andy Cotgreave at Strata London a couple of weeks ago. The Tableau booth had a handy place for me to put my coffee whilst I ate my biscuits, and as a regular user of Tableau and twitter I recognised him immediately! Andy is Social Content Manager at Tableau. I was pleased to see […]

tableau 8 guide

Book review: Tableau 8 – the official guide by George Peck

A while back I reviewed Larry Keller’s book The Tableau 8.0 Training Manual, at the same time I ordered George Peck’s book Tableau 8: the official guide. It’s just arrived. The book comes with a DVD containing bonus videos featuring George Peck’s warm, friendly tones and example workbooks. I must admit to being mildly nonplussed at […]

Adventures in Tableau – loading files

Tableau is a widely used visualisation tool, particularly in the business intelligence area. It grew out of the Polaris project at Stanford University, subtitled “interactive database visualisation”. This is worth bearing in mind since it is the context in which Tableau deals with data. It anticipates that the data you are interested in comes in the form of […]

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