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Cupcakes, Conversation (of the business kind) and a Couple of ScraperWikians*

Scraping the web, liberating data, caging ‘The Julian’, it’s a thankless task so here at ScraperWiki we have a reward scheme existing of cupcakes (yes, we are a start up). So where better to have a business lunch with the local newspaper than the local cupcake joint. Read the online article by Alistair Houghton from the Liverpool […]

ScraperWiki Downtime

In order to allow for essential maintenance (our diggers been digging the web for so long it’s in dire need of an MOT!) we’re going to have to take the ScraperWiki website down for a short amount of time on Wednesday (29th June 2011). The site will be down from 13:00 UTC (14:00 BST). We […]

Knight Foundation finance ScraperWiki for journalism

ScraperWiki is the place to work together on data, and it is particularly useful for journalism. We are therefore very pleased to announce that ScraperWiki has won the Knight News Challenge! The Knight Foundation are spending $280,000 over 2 years for us to improve ScraperWiki as a platform for journalists, and to run events to bring together journalists […]

Why the Government scraped itself

We wrote last month about Alphagov, the Cabinet Office’s prototype, more usable, central Government website. It made extensive use of ScraperWiki. The question everyone asks – why was the Government scraping its own sites? Let’s take a look. In total 56 scrapers were used. You can find them tagged “alphagov” on the ScraperWiki website. There are a […]

A reluctant goodbye to Guardian Local

ScraperWiki is sad to hear that Guardian Local is being wound down, just over a year after its public launch. We’ve had the good fortune to work with the talented Guardian Local journalists at three of our Hacks & Hackers events: in Cardiff, Leeds and Glasgow. We would like to say a particular thank you […]

Take a Look at This

Here at ScraperWiki we’re not just about scraping but also about viewing the work you’ve scraped. In this case, ‘The Julian’, didn’t even scrape! He got it from The Guardian Data Blog. They posted an animated history of UK aid 1960-2009 mapped. Spanish design house Bestiaro produced it using OECD aid data. All ‘The Julian’ had to […]

Read all about it read all about it: “ScraperWiki gets on the Guardian front page…”

A data driven story by investigative journalist James Ball on lobbyist influence in the UK Parliament has made it on to the front page of the Guardian. What is exciting for us is that James Ball’s story is helped and supported by a ScraperWiki script that took data from registers across parliament that is located […]

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