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Data Visualization Cover

Book Review: Data Visualization: a successful design process by Andy Kirk

My next review is of Andy Kirk’s book Data Visualization: a successful design process. Those of you on Twitter might know him as @visualisingdata, where you can follow his progress around the world as he delivers training. He also blogs at Visualising Data. Previously in this area, I’ve read Tufte’s book The Visual Display of […]

Fine set of graphs at the Office of National Statistics

It’s difficult to keep up. I’ve just noticed a set of interesting interactive graphs over at the Office of National Statistics (UK). If the world is about people, then the most fundamental dataset of all must be: Where are the people? And: What stage of life are they living through? A Population Pyramid is a […]

Take a Look at This

Here at ScraperWiki we’re not just about scraping but also about viewing the work you’ve scraped. In this case, ‘The Julian’, didn’t even scrape! He got it from The Guardian Data Blog. They posted an animated history of UK aid 1960-2009 mapped.¬†Spanish design house Bestiaro¬†produced it using OECD aid data. All ‘The Julian’ had to […]

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