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Meet the User – Claire Miller

Here at ScraperWiki we like programmers and journalists. We’re also interested in helping to bridge the gap, so with no further ado let me present to you: Claire Miller. She’s a reporter and data journalist for Media Wales. She’s come to ScraperWiki from the non-coding side but with a journalistic eye for the story. She’s new to […]

Meet the User – Ben Harris

Ben Harris is one of the few ScraperWikians I’ve come across that actually codes for a day job (I’m sure there’s lots, send them pizza). He’s a sysadmin (surprised a ninja/evangelist isn’t in some way attached to the title), which means he writes quite a lot of little hacky scripts to do useful things (just what […]

An Ouseful Person to Know – Tony Hirst

We love to teach at ScraperWiki but we love people who teach even more. That being said, may I introduce you to Tony Hirst, Open University Lecturer and owner of this ‘ouseful‘ blog. He teaches at the  Department of Communication and Systems and recently worked on course units relating to information skills, data visualisation and […]

Meet the User – Pall Hilmarsson

Our digger has been driving around colder climes by one of our star users. Icelander Pall Hilmarrson. Driving such a heavy vehicle on icy surfaces and through volcanic ash may seem daunting to most people, but Pall has not only ventured forth undeterred, he has given passers-by a lift. One such hitch-hiker is Chris Taggart with his […]

Meet the User – Kevin Curry

The ScraperWiki digger had been driven far and wide. Wherever there’s open data you’ll find us parked nearby. I’ve noticed it travel across the Atlantic and have contacted the driver – Kevin Curry. He has the grand title (as well as digger driver!) of Chief Scientist and Co-founder of Bridgeborn, Inc. He is computer science […]

Meet the User – Philip John

As you can imagine we get a lot of website developers who make pretty, useful things that flash and jump and link. But the humble scraper can do heavy lifting for the building blocks that ultimately make these centres for civic engagement most engaging. So our user of the week is one such developer – […]

Meet the User – Tim Retout

You may have noticed some illicit back-alley forking going around on ScraperWiki. The above picture looks very much like my Cabinet Spending Word Cloud Date Slider. Well, to tell you the truth, a gal could do with a bit of forking every now and again! Which is why I’ve nominated Tim Retout (@diocles) as our […]

Meet the User – Robert McWilliam

There’s been a lot of ScraperWiki buzzing going on but not on our site. On Twitter! And I’m not just talking about Scrape_No.10. No, the trend has spread and Edinburgh planning applications are being tweeted out by PlanningAppMap! What’s great about this (besides preventing angry Scotsmen from rioting when their local pub gets torn down […]

Meet the User – Tim McNamara

You may have noticed a Kiwi driving our digger around of late (image is purely metaphorical). A New Zealander by the name of Tim McNamara has been unearthing earthquakes, government bills, historic places, clinical trials and even companies. I had to enquire after such a scraping wizard (trying to get a Lord of the Rings reference in […]

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